History of Laughter & Related Names
in the United States
Feb., 2002
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Page names for the Laughter Tree
File name and linkEarliest DOBLatest DOB
Page 01, Generation 01:     lautree01.html 16301660
Page 02, Generation 02:     lautree02.html 17101745
Page 03, Generation 03:     lautree03.html 17401797
Page 04, Generation 04:     lautree04.html 17681823
Page 05, Generation 05:     lautree05.html 17891867
Page 06, Generation 06:     lautree06.html 18161905
Page 07, Generation 07:     lautree07.html 18491934
Page 08, Generation 08:     lautree08.html 18701966
Page 09, Generation 09:     lautree09.html 19211982
Page 09m, Generation 09: lautree09m.html Gen 9 Continued
Page 10, Generation 10:     lautree10.html 19481993
Page 10m, Generation 10: lautree10m.html Gen 10 Continued
Page 11, Generation 11:     lautree11.html 1968Present
Note: Dates will change as new people are added to pages.

Our Thanks for SIGNIFICANT Contributions From:
Pat and Billy Nelson
Raleigh, North Carolina
Mr. John Gordon Laughter, Jr.
Jackson County, Texas
Fred Hannon Laughter
Virginia Beach, Virginia
Douglas D. Laughter
Houston, Texas
Lourien "Lory" Laughter Burch
Napa, California
Sandra Harrison Vasko
Elberta, Alabama
Ivy June Daughtery Zagorski
Mary Laughter Morrell
Huntsville, Arkansas
Mildred L. Pittman Linder
Gaffney, South Carolina
Cheryl Denise Hunt Boyd
Landers, California
Kent Townsend
Memphis, Tennessee
Michael D. Wood
Kansas City
Invaluable information is still in process.
Mary D. Hicks
Davison, Michigan
This Space Needs Your  Help!

Our sincere thanks to all!

Information herein was collected and submitted by those relying on family records, Bibles, word of mouth, old court house records and other sources. All of the information may not be reliable. If you see errors, question facts, or have different information whatsoever, please let me know. It would be a great help in getting the facts as straight as possible.
You may reach me at:


FrankLaughter@hotmail.com -- Frank Laughter -- or snail mail:
Frank Laughter
113 Winecoff Ave. NW
Concord, NC 28025
(704) 782-8434

Thanks for any help you can provide.

For an explanation of the structure of this page -- and for a short, detailed, graphical tutorial on how to find names, dates, and lineage -- it is highly recommended that viewers carefully read the HELP PAGE BEFORE attempting to navigate through the "Tree." There are some large pages with thousands of names and many names repeat through different generations.

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