Presidents - Personal Information

Were related, wore beards, left-handed, Masons, on currency, Mount Rushmore.

Presidents who wore beards
[16] Abraham Lincoln
[18] Ulysses S Grant
[19] Rutherford B Hayes
[20] James Garfield
[23] Benjamin Harrison
Were Masons
[  1] George Washington
[  5] James Monroe
[  7] Andrew Jackson
[11] James Polk
[15] James Buchanan
[17] Andrew Johnson
[20] James Garfield
[25] William McKinley
[26] Theodore Roosevelt
[27] William Howard Taft
[29] Warren G. Harding
[32] Franklin D. Roosevelt
[33] Harry S. Truman
[36] Lyndon B. Johnson
[38] Gerald R. Ford
Were left-handed
[20] James Garfield
[31] Herbert Hoover
[38] Gerald Ford
[40] Ronald Reagan
[41] George Bush
[42] Bill Clinton

On coins and notes
Abraham Lincoln [16] 1c
Thomas Jefferson [ 3] 5c
Franklin D Roosevelt [32]10c
George Washington [ 1]25c
John F Kennedy [35]50c
George Washington [ 1]$ 1.00
Dwight D Eisenhower [34]$ 1.00
Thomas Jefferson [ 3]$ 2.00
Abraham Lincoln [16]$ 5.00
Andrew Jackson [ 7]$20.00
Ulysses S Grant [18]$50.00
The $10 note is Alexander Hamilton, and
the $100 note is Benjamin Franklin

Are on Mount Rushmore
George Washington [ 1]
Thomas Jefferson [ 3]
Abraham Lincoln [16]
Theodore Roosevelt [26]
Awarded the Pulitzer Prize
John F. Kennedy [35] his book "Profiles In Courage."

Awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
Theodore Roosevelt [26] (1906)
Woodrow Wilson [28] (1919)
One US Vice President and five US Secretaries of State
have also been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize
1912 Elihu RootSecretary of State under Teddy Roosevelt
1925 Charles Gates Dawes III *Vice President under Calvin Coolidge
1929 Frank B KellogSecretary of State under Calvin Coolidge
1945 Cordell HullSecretary of State under Franklin D Roosevelt
1953 George C MarshallSecretary of State under Harry S Truman
1973 Henry KissingerSecretary of State under Richard Nixon
* Awarded jointly with Austen Chamberlain, British Foreign Secretary

Presidents by religion
Baptist Jimmy Carter
  Bill Clinton
  Warren G Harding
  Harry S Truman
Congregationalist Calvin Coolidge
Disciples of Christ James Garfield
  Lyndon B Johnson
  Ronald Reagan
Dutch Reformed Theodore Roosevelt
  Martin Van Buren
Episcopalian Chester Arthur
  George Bush
  Gerald Ford
  William Henry Harrison
  James Madison
  James Monroe
  Franklin Pierce
  Franklin D Roosevelt
  Zachary Taylor
  John Tyler
  George Washington
Presbyterian James Buchanan
  Grover Cleveland
  Dwight D Eisenhower
  Benjamin Harrison
  Andrew Jackson
  James Polk
  Woodrow Wilson
Unitarian John Adams
  John Quincy Adams
  Millard Fillmore
  William H Taft
Methodist Ulysses S Grant
  Rutherford B Hayes
  William McKinley
Quaker Herbert Hoover
  Richard Nixon
Roman Catholic John F Kennedy
None declared * Thomas Jefferson
  Andrew Johnson
  Abraham Lincoln
* Although no affiliation was claimed, it is clear from writings and utterances that all three men held strong religious beliefs. For example, read Jefferson lamenting the death of his wife.

Presidents by height - feet/inches
6'   4" Abraham Lincoln
6'   3" Lyndon B Johnson
6'   2" Bill Clinton
  Thomas Jefferson
6'   2" Chester Arthur
  George Bush
  Franklin D Roosevelt
  George Washington
6'   1" Andrew Jackson
  Ronald Reagan
6'   0" James Buchanan
  Gerald R Ford
  James Garfield
  Warren Harding
  John F Kennedy
  James Monroe
  William H Taft
  John Tyler
5'   11" Richard M Nixon
5'   11" Grover Cleveland
  Herbert Hoover
  Woodrow Wilson
5'   10" Dwight D Eisenhower
5'   10" Calvin Coolidge
  Andrew Johnson
  Franklin Pierce
  Theodore Roosevelt
5'   9" Jimmy Carter
5'   9" Millard Fillmore
  Harry S Truman
5'   8" Rutherford B Hayes
5'   8" Ulysses S Grant
  William H Harrison
  James Polk
  Zachary Taylor
5'   7" John Adams
  John Quincy Adams
  William McKinley
5'   6" Benjamin Harrison
  Martin Van Buren
5'   4" James Madison

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