Mary Roxana Foster Married Henry Zedick Laughter

Born 03 May 1902 in Lynn, Polk County, NC.
Died ? Mecklenburg County, NC.
Buried in Hillcrest Gardens Cemetery in Gaston County, NC.


Parents of Mary Roxana Foster:
Edmon Foster and Maladia Newman Foster

Children of Edmon Foster and Maladia Newman were:

  • John Foster
  • Ben Foster
  • Edgar Foster
  • Felix foster
  • Bentley Foster
  • Sophronia Foster
  • Mettie Foster
  • Waveline Foster
  • Maude Foster
  • Gladys Foster
  • Mary Roxana Foster
Edmon Foster's father was Jack Foster
Edmon Foster's mother was Agnus ? Foster
Edmon Foster's siblings were: David, John, Charlie, Sis, and Angeline.

Maladia Newman's father was David Newman
Maladia Newman's mother was Sophronia Jackson
Maladia Newman's siblings were Jack, David, Sue, Jane, and Nannie.

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