Historical World Events affecting The United States
12xx Magna Carta.
1492 Columbus discovers new world and thinks it is India.
1620 11/09 The Mayflower lands at Plymouth Rock, Massachusetts.
1754 French - Indian war erupts.
1760 George I ascends to throne through 1806.
1763 England signs treaty with France ending the French/Indian war. Great Britain gains Canada and the rest of the North American Continent east of the Mississippi River as part of the British empire.
1765 The British parliament passes The Stamp Act to provide money to support British troops in America.
1766 In March Great Britain repeals The Stamp Act but concurrently passes the Declaration Act asserting her power over the colonies.
1768 British troops are landed in Boston to enforce the King's laws.
1770 03/05 Four workers are killed in the "Boston Massacre" by British troops.
1773 In protest of "taxation without representation" colonials dressed as Mohawk Indians boarded a merchant ship and dumped its' cargo of imported tea into Boston harbor.
1774 09/05 First Continental Congress convenes in Philadelphia to consider a "union" of the colonies.
1775 04/18 Patriots in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts are confronted by British troops. Those in Concord fire "the shot heard around the world" and so begins the American Revolution. Gearge Washington is named Commander In Chief of the "Continental Army." On May 10, the Second Continental Congress convenes.
1776 07/04 The Declaration of Independence is signed in Philadelphia on July 2nd, and ratified by the Continental Congress on July 4th. Also in July, British troops arrive in New York harbor to put down the rebellion. In December, Washington "crosses the Delaware River and captures a garrison of German (Hessian) soldiers at Trenton, New Jersey.
1776 12/20 Third Continental Congress convenes.
1777 Articles of Confederation proposed. Washington loses battles at Brandywine (September 11th) and Germantown (October 4th). Philadelphia is also lost to the British, but on October 17th the Americans capture Burgoyne and his army at Saratoga.
1778 The fighting becomes a "world war" when France signs an alliance with the United States.
1780 In May the British capture Charleston, South Carolina.
1781 Articles of Confederation ratified. At Yorktown Lord Cornwallis surrenders to American - French forces.
1783 United States and Great Britain sign peace treaty and General Washington retires to private life at Mount Vernon.
1784 01/14 Revolutionary War officially ends with signing of "Treaty of Paris."
1786 An armed uprising against the state of Massachusetts (Shay's Rebellion) is put down by the militia.
1787 The Congress of the Confederation enacts the Northwest Ordinance prohibiting Slavery in territories and allowing new states to join the Confederation. On May 25th delegates met in Philadelphia to consider rewriting the Articles Of Confederation. By September 17th they had approved a new Constitution for The United States Of America and adjourned on the 18th to await ratification.
1788 06/21 Constitution approved and comes into effect when New Hampshire ratifies.
1788 Virginia and New approve the new Constitution to become the 10th and 11th states.
1789 07/14 French Revolution.
1791 The Bill Of Rights passed the 1st US Congress and sent to the states for ratification.
1796 Washington's farewell address.
1810 09/16 Mexican independence.
1812 War of 1812 begins in June and ends December 24th with the "Treaty of Ghent."
1815 06/18 Battle of Waterloo (end of Napoleanic Wars).
1827 Greek Indepedence.
1839 First Opium War begins.
1842 08/29 First Opium War ends (Treaty of Nanking).
1842 08/29 Hong Kong ceded to Britain.
1846 04/25 Mexican War begins.
1848 Communist Manifesto published.
1848 Revolutions in Germany, Austria, France, Italy, Belgium.
1848 02/02 Mexican War ends (Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo).
1861 04/12 Civil War begins.
1865 04/08 Civil War ends (Lee surrenders to Grant).
1868 02/24 House impeaches President Johnson.
1868 05/16 Senate acquits President Johnson.
1871 10/08 Great Chicago Fire.
1877 01 Russo-Turkish War begins.
1878 06 Russo-Turkish War end (Treaty of San Stefano).
1893 06/27 Stock market crash.
1898 04/21 Spanish-American War begins.
1898 12/10 Spanish-American War ends (Treaty of Paris).
1898 12/10 Guam, Puerto Rico ceded by Spain.
1899 10/12 Boer War begins.
1902 05/31 Boer War ends.
1904 02/08 Russo-Japanese War begins.
1905 09/05 Russo-Japanese War ends.
1906 04/18 Great San Francisco Earthquake.
1907 03/13 Stock market crash.
1912 02/12 End of China's Qing Dynasty.
1912 04/15 Titanic sinks.
1913 10/10 Panama Canal completed.
1914 06/28 Archduke Ferdinand assassinated, setting off WWI.
1916 08/04 US purchases the Virgin Islands from Denmark.
1917 03/15 The Tsar of Russia abdicates.
1918 04/02 United States joins WWI.
1919 06/28 WWI officially ends (Treaty of Versailles).
1929 10/29 Stock market crash.
1936 07/18 Spanish Civil War.
1939 09/03 WWII begins.
1941 12/11 United States joins WWII.
1945 09/02 WWII ends.
1946 01/10 First meeting of the UN.
1947 08/15 Indian and Pakistani Independence.
1949 10/01 Communist China established.
1950 06/25 Korean War begins.
1953 07/27 Korean War ends.
1957 10/04 USSR launches Sputnik.
1961 04/17 Bay of Pigs invasion
1962 10 Cuban Missile Crisis.
1964 08/07 Vietnam War begins (Gulf of Tonkin Resolution).
1973 03/29 Vietnam War ends (last US troops leave Vietnam).
1979 11/04 Iranian militants seize US embassy.
1982 06/30 Unratified equal rights amendment expires.
1985 08/22 Unratified D.C. voting rights amendment expires.
1990 10/03 Reunification of Germany.
1991 01/17 Gulf War begins.
1991 02/27 Gulf War ends.
1992 01/01 USSR dissolved.
1998 12/19 House impeaches President Clinton.
1999 02/12 Senate acquits President Clinton.
1999 03/24 Kosovo Conflict begins.
1999 06/10 Kosovo Conflict ends

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