Conestoga wagon
The migration west

Originally used to carry freight between the Colonies, the Conestoga wagon went on to carry pioneers across America.

Horse drawn Conestoga wagon

An account from an early pioneer

"Imagine a boxlike cart nearly as long as an ordinary bedroom and so wide that I could stretch myself out full length across the body... Underneath the cart were hung buckets, the churn, lanterns, water kegs, and farming tools... Around the inside of the wagon were hung such things as as we might need on the journey. There were pots and pans, towels, clothing, baskets, and two rifles... Our beds were laid in the bottom of the wagon and covered with bedclothes to save them from being badly soiled, as would be likely if we slept upon them at night and cooked and ate and did the housework on them during the daytime. Our cookstove was set up at the rear end of the wagon where it could be pushed out on a small shelf fastened to the rear axle when we wanted to use it."

Wagon drawn by oxen

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