Presidents and Their Reputed Affairs

Thomas Jefferson

Sally Hemings
One of his slaves who it is said was his mistress for thirty six years, but after the death of his wife. Recent scientific DNA evidence strongly suggests that he or his brother was the father of her youngest son, Eston Hemings.

James Garfield -- Before he became President

Mrs Lucia Gilbert Calhoun

Grover Cleveland -- Before he became President, and while he was still a bachelor.

Maria Halpin
They had a son, Oscar.

Warren Harding -- Before he became President. It lasted 15 years.

Carrie Phillips: She was paid $25,000 plus $2,000 a month palimony.

Nan Briton: Began before he became President, and lasted until his death in office.
They had a daughter, Elizabeth Ann. Nan Briton wrote a best selling book titled "The President's Daughter."

Franklin D Roosevelt

Lucy Mercer (Rutherford): Began before he became President when Lucy Mercer was Eleanor Roosevelt's Social Secretary. Mrs Roosevelt found out about it when she came across some love letters. FDR promised to give it up rather than divorce, but he didn't. She was at Warm Springs, GA with him when he died.

"...there was one frequent visitor whom we never hurried. Quite often, but only when Mrs Roosevelt was out of town, the President invited his lady friend Mrs Lucer Mercer Rutherford to the White House. An attractive, vivacious woman in her forties, she'd arrive at the front door, the north entrance. We'd watch her hurry up the steps to be escorted by an usher to the second floor. The butler would serve tea, close the door, and leave the President alone. After about an hour's time, the President rang for the doorman to escort her back to her car."
Source: "Upstairs at the White House," J B West, Chief Usher: 1941-1969.

Dwight D Eisenhower -- Before he became President.

Kay Summersby (his military driver).
She wrote a book titled "Past Forgetting."

Some recent information suggest that Summersby's accounts may not be reliable. Information in her book citing dates and places does not agree with official records of Eisenhower's activities.

John F Kennedy -- Before he became President.

Inga Arvad: During WW II
Florence Pritchett (wife of Earl T Smith, US Ambassador to Cuba).

While President

Marylin Monroe
Jayne Mansfield
Judith Campbell (Exner)
Pamela Turnure (Jacqueline Kennedy's press secretary)
Priscilla Wear (Fiddle) (a secretary)
Jill Cowan (Faddle) (a secretary)
Mary Pinchot Meyer
Blaze Starr
Tempest Storm

In his "The Presidency of John F Kennedy," James Giglio, from whom most of the names are taken, says that Kennedy "occasionally had affairs with casual acquaintances and virtual strangers who surreptitiously entered the southwest service entrance of the White House as the result of solicitations of friends and aides . . . joining the President in the [then indoor] pool or in the family quarters."


"The logistics of Kennedy's liaisons with Judith Campbell and dozens of other women in the White House and in hotels, houses and apartments around the country and around the world required secrecy and devotion rare even in the energetic service demanded by successful politicians. The arrangements were frequent."

"I wonder how it is for you, Harold?" Kennedy had said to [the British Prime Minister] Harold MacMillan during their Bermuda meeting at the end of 1961. "If I don't have a woman for three days, I get terrible headaches."
President Kennedy: "Profile of Power": Richard Reeves.

He was President for little more than a thousand days.

Lyndon Johnson -- Before he became President but while he was a Congressman and already married to Lady Bird Johnson.

Alice Glass (later wife, and at the time live-in partner, of publisher Charles E Marsh)

While President

According to Ronald Kessler, "Inside the White House President Johnson was an habitual womanizer. Of his eight secretaries, only three were not having sex with him."

Said one aide: "He would screw anything that would crawl, basically. He was a horny old man."

Bill Clinton -- Before he became President.

Jane Doe
Juanita Broaddrick
Gennifer Flowers

While President

Monica Lewinsky -- Began in 1995 during his first term. Ended in 1997 during his second term.

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