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Time-Line and Evolution of

The United States of America

Explanation of the TIMELINE pages

The TIMELINE perspective of The History Professor is the backbone of the product. The Timeline has been broken into several pages due to the file size. One large page would become unwieldy because of the computer time required to re-load the file each time one wished to return to the Timeline. This is a critical consideration because the essence of the system is to provide a dated perspective of historical events and documents so that a user may scroll through, visit a subject, biography, or event, and then return to the Timeline to continue the journey through history.

There are several MAIN Timeline pages which list all the general subjects from 30,000 B.C. through the present. Along the way one will encounter other Timelines such as the Civil War or WW II, but using the navigation tools described in the How To page, easily return to departure point of the main Timeline. Keep in mind, that performing "FINDS" as described in "How To" will search ONLY one page. Therefore, searches may be necessary on more than one Timeline page.

At any time, the user may desire to go into a specific subject area, ie, Presidents, First Ladies, or Constitution, the option is available at the top of the screen through the menu which remains constant at all times. Even more direct options are available from the Table of Contents.


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