"Chronologia Anglo-Saxonica," or "Anglo-Saxon Chronicle," was first published at Cambridge, England, in 1644 by Professor Wheloc and was less than 62 pages, exclusive of the Latin appendix.

An improved edition by Edmund Gibson, later Bishop of London, was printed at Oxford in 1692 and has nearly four times the quantity of the former; but is very far from being the entire chronicle. Ingram's edition of 1823 relies on Wheloc, Gibson, and original text, but modernizes language and summarizes footnotes. Ingram's edition, a chronology beginning in 1 A.D., describes how England was ruled before 802 A.D.

The chronicle is a a diary compiled by anonymous scribes over several years and reflects world history as they knew it.

Quill and Ink Ęthelbert
House of Wessex -- Reigned: 860-866 A.D.

Died: 866 A.D.

Very little is known about Ęthelbert, who took his rightful place in the line of succession to the throne of Wessex at around 30 years of age.

Like all other rulers of his day, he had to contend with Viking raids on his territories and even had to battle them in his capital city of Winchester. Apparently, his military leadership was adequate, since, on this occasion, the Vikings were cut off on their retreat to the coast and were slaughtered, according to a contemporary source, in a "bloody battle."

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