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Time-Line and Evolution of

The United States of America

30,000 BC - 2000 AD

Minimum systems requirements:
•MS Windows: •CD-ROM drive.
•NETSCAPE •MSIE (both 4.0 or later).
Earlier browsers may work but may not
render all pages exactly as designed.

Setup Instructions

The History Professor

  • Place the CD containing The History Professor into the CD drive from which you plan to run the application.
  • Your drive identity letter may be "D" "E" or "F" (or possibly some other letter).
  • When the CD is ready, you may get notification that a CD has been loaded. If you do, CANCEL the notice box.
  • Click on the Windows START button (in the lower left corner of your monitor screen.)
  • The START Menu will be displayed: Choose the FIND option, then FILES and FOLDERS, from the START Menu as shown... and LEFT click once.
  • A "FIND: All Files" dialog box will appear which looks similar to the following image:
  • Place the mouse pointer on the BROWSE button. Left click once. A new window will appear as:
  • From the drop down menu locate the identity letter for the CD drive containing The History Professor CD, i.e., drive "D" "E" "F" or whatever, and LEFT click on the "+" sign to the left. The window will display the contents of the root directory of the CD which is "CONSTITUTION." Double LEFT click on the word "CONSTITUTION" as shown above, then click the OK button. The window should now appear as:

[Note: Yours may appear as F:\CONSTITUTION or some other letter depending on your computers device assignment.]

  • You have now selected the location and the directory to "Look in:" LEFT click in the grey area after the word "Named:" to select that area (a blinking cursor will appear in the area). TYPE in "index.html" WITHOUT the quotes. The window should now appear as:
  • LEFT click on the "Find Now" button to the right. The Finder will produce one entry and it will appear as follows:
  • Notice the 'found' entry of "index.html" in the lower box is highlighted (dark). Make sure it stays highlighted, place the mouse pointer on the entry as shown...
  • and RIGHT click once. A Menu appears with a choice of "Create Shortcut"
  • Select this option by LEFT clicking on it. A solid box will appear on the screen as follows:
  • LEFT click on the "Yes" button. A new icon will appear on your Desktop with the name "index.html" -- (without the quotes).
  • Close the "FIND: All Files" box by clicking on the "X" in the upper right corner.

  • You may leave the Shortcut on your Desktop or Drag and Drop it to any location of your choice. You may, if you wish, RE-name the icon from "index.html" to any name you like AND if you so choose, you may use the Windows facility to change the icon to a different image. [Point to the icon created above; RIGHT click; select PROPERTIES, then on the new window click on the "Shortcut" tab, select "Change Icon" option. Scroll through the available icons, highlight your choice and click OK, then "Apply," and OK.]

You are now ready to begin using The History Professor by double clicking on the new icon created above. BE SURE, however, to carefully read the READ FIRST introduction page (from the Table of Contents page) AND the short HOW TO instructions to fully understand the NAVIGATION and FIND options. These functions are essential parts of the design and use of the Product. [NOTE: Search techniques used on the Internet WILL NOT work for FINDing information in this Product. Therefore, reading the "HOW TO" section is critical!]

When not in use The History Professor CD may be removed from the CD-ROM drive and stored in the jewel case. For subsequent use, be SURE to place the CD in the same CD-ROM drive it was in when the Shortcut (above) was created. ---- ENJOY!

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