Chronology of changes to the Laughter Tree.

January, 2003
Corrected and added information for Ruby Ola Lawter and spouse, Julius Earl Shoulars, of Norfolk, Virginia -- generation 07, page 2 of 3 - through generation 10.
Ruby Ola Lawter(8) is a descendant of Carrie Ola Lawter(7) - Merrit (Merritt) R.(6).
Surnames effected: Lawter; Laughter; Shoulars; Cooke; Searcy; Frady; Walker; Luck; Mueller; Hobeke; Hughes; Kirby; Allen; Hetherington; Combs; and Graham.
August 10, 2002
Added descendants of Esban Laughter, generation 7, son of Joseph Jesse(6), through generation 9.
July 6, 2002
Added descendants of John Laughter(4), John Laughter, Jr.(5)

Family surnames effected and/or added: Laughter, Garren, Wall, and others.

Locations effected: North Carolina, South Carolina, Illinois, and Texas.

Generations effected: 4 through 7.

July 3, 2002
Added descendants of Lucinda Laughter(5), daughter of John(4) and Mourning Stepp.

Family surnames added include: Laughter, Case, Dalton, Hill, Larson, Jensen, Brown, Barton, Burton, Valgardson, Wilson, Vedvig, Blasco, and others.

Generations effected are generation 4 through generation 11.

Locations are: Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Mississippi, Arkansas, North Dakota, Iowa, Nevada, Utah, Idaho, and Alberta Canada.

July 1, 2002
Added descendants for James "Squirrel Tail" Laughter . . .
siblings of William "Wash" Laughter:

Margaret Louisa "Lou" Laughter ... Brown, Wilson, and others.

Also descendants of Isaiah Laughter ... Amanda Juno Laughter, Hill, Jackson, Case, Pace, Lanning, and others.

Update effects generations 4, beginning with John(4), through generaton 10.

June 20, 2002
Beginning with William Benjamin Laughter, Sr., (4) dtr Frances Elizabeth, added descendants thru generation 7. Also, beginning with William Benjamin Laughter, Sr.,'s son John Joseph (5) added descendants through gen 8. Most of these were for DeSoto County, Mississippi, Laughters but added surnames of Thomas, Boothe, McInvale, Searcy, Rowe, Brewer, Costello, Hyde, and Tally. NOTE: I have more to add to these lines.

June 19, 2002
Large update beginning with a questionable starting point from Elizabeth Laughter (4), dtr of James (3). Elizabeth married Benjamin Coward (Cowart) abt 1807 and they begat Cynthia Coward (Cowart) that married William M. Wilson. The update goes to generation 10 and includes additional surnames of: Barnette, Bryant, Cash, Clary, Corn, Crawford, Dalton, Ezell, Fox, Godbout, De Groot, Hurley, Jolly, Morrison, Orr, Parris, Powell, Roddy, Waldrup, and Willard.

June 11, 2002
Added descendants of Margaret "Maggie" Laughter(6) and husband, Julius Heinrich Baumberger, from generation 07 through generation 11. Also other descendants of William Milan "Buck" Laughter's(6) children, Jake and Susana. Over 300 names were added.

June 8, 2002
Added links, birthdates, and descendants, for Mary A. Laughter(5), dtr of Wiley Laughter(4), and James Edgerton. Effected Gens 04, 05, and 06.

June 7, 2002
Broke several large Lautree Pages into smaller pages. The Tree now consists of single pages for Gens 01 through 05, and three pages each from Gens 06 through 11. Within each page name, i.e., lautree01.html, the designation of "m" and "s" are used for the 2nd and 3rd pages within each generation. Example: lautree06.html, lautree06m.html, lautree06s.html. To see a list of current pages of the "Tree," see Tree Index

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