For seven years Tammy Bruce was the president of the L.A. chapter of the National Organization for Women, and a member of NOW's national board of directors. She has appeared on Larry King Live, Nightline, Today, Good Morning America, Fox News, and CBS This Morning. She has been profiled in the New York Times, Time, and other major publications. She is a columnist as well as author of a new book, The New Thought Police. She lives in Los Angeles.

Ms. Bruce is a white female. She proudly states that she's a lesbian and she fervently believes in equal rights, equal justice, and fairness in public debate and discussion.

During Bruce's tenure at NOW., Jil Ireland was president of the national organization and soon after Bruce took office a fight erupted between them and the argument still rages. It has since expanded to engulf the entire left-wing of social-cultural-political activism.

The dispute is over fundamental freedoms that most people assume already exist: The freedoms of thought and of expression.

Ireland, Kim Gandy (current NOW pres.), and NOW, (along with GLAAD [Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation], NAACP, and Jesse Jackson's Rainbow Coalition), are determined to pursue a course that gives them CONTROL over the hearts, minds, souls, words, and thoughts of others. The 'thought police' policy is actively supported by the national Democrat Party and almost all of the national media.

On the other hand, for a liberal, Bruce is weird. She believes that people have a right and a duty to think for themselves and to say what they think, and that includes those who are NOT gay, lesbian, feminist, black, Democrat, Muslim, Hindu, Native American, or whatever. That's right. ... Bruce actually believes that even Anglo-Saxon Christian males should be allowed to say what's on their minds.

Bruce believes that it's reasonable, appropriate, and even desirable for those who disapprove of homosexuality to say so. She thinks that public debate is helpful for equality and she doesn't agree that gays and lesbians should be "more equal." -- To the Left, that's an outrage.

Bruce understands that everyone doesn't accept her lifestyle. She doesn't cringe in corners nor start a fist fight if she's called a deviant, or if someone says that her sexual preference is caused by biological error. She believes in the common human courtesy of open, civil debate. -- To the Left, that's an outrage.

Bruce objects to the use of words like "homophobe" and "racist" when used by gays and blacks against EVERYONE and ANYONE that disagrees with them. She believes the words should be used to describe real homophobes and real racists, -- not to score points in debate.

Bruce's feminism doesn't fit the context of NOW. She believes women are entitled to the exact same rights as men: in the work place; over their own bodies; in society; in politics; and in every other aspect of human existence. However, she accepts as fact that women are different from men in physiology and physical characteristics and therefore she believes that there are certain jobs and certain military assignments that some women cannot perform as well as men, -- or at all. -- To the Left, that's an outrage.

She is a pistol-packing-mama and a strong supporter of the right to bear arms. She supports the death penalty. She despises laws enacted for so called "hate crimes," -- laws that single out crimes against gays, lesbians, blacks, and Muslims, -- signaling that one human life is more valuable than another. She despises violence against abortion clinics and abortion doctors as well as threats of violence against her friend, Dr. Laura Schlessinger. She believes media have a left-wing bias except for Rupert Murdock (Fox). -- She says Murdock is a Conservative.

[On that last point, she's dead wrong. Murdock is apolitical and an opportunist. He leans whichever way the wind blows as long as the wind direction provides an opening to make a buck. If Murdock thought that he could improve profits by devoting his news networks to Democrats and socialism, he wouldn't hesitate.]

Bruce says that Dan Rather, et al, Democrat leaders in Congress, and many other left wing civic and political leaders are socialist. She admits publicly that the Left wants to repress speech of others. -- To the Left, that's an outrage.

She listens to Rush Limbaugh and supports his right to his opinions but she rarely agrees with his points of view. She makes the case that liberals have often tried to shut him up but she knows of no instance where he has asked liberals to remain silent. -- Therein lies her point and it provides fodder for her attack on the Left.

She is an avid supporter of everyone's right to speak out, debate issues, and people's right to dissent, but she just as strongly objects to over-the-top tactics regularly used by gays, lesbians, blacks, national Democrats, and the media. (Maybe as in the Trent Lott case?)

She's really hacked off at methods used by gays and lesbians to stop Dr. Laura from getting on TV. In that case, the gay community took its objection to the show's sponsors, the network, and to local stations to keep the show off the air BEFORE it had even debuted. The spineless sponsors buckled and the network canceled after a few shows. That's an outrage to Ms. Bruce.

Bruce has declared a 'freedom of thought and expression' war against the Left and they are howling. Her new book [below] helps us understand how political correctness was unleashed years ago on college campuses by liberal professors. The PC tactics were soon embraced by blacks, lesbians, and gays, to gain control of public debate and, assisted by the media, converted the debate process into thought and speech control over people everywhere.

The Left yells, defames her, and walks out of Bruce's lectures when she utters plain truths like:

  • Betty Friedan, founder of NOW in 1966, was a Communist Party supporter beginning in 1942 (during WW II);
  • Television producers allow their scripts to be edited by groups that purport to represent aggrieved minorities;
  • Rosa Parks, the black woman credited with stubbornly refusing to sit in the back of a bus in Birmingham, AL, was in fact auditioned and rehearsed for the event by the NAACP.
    According to Bruce, Parks was the third person auditioned for that "bold" and "brave" act.

    Bruce applauds the result of the Rosa Parks event. She just thinks its time to be honest about it. Its clear that if the Right were caught with such a skeleton in its closet, the Left, including the media, would go ballistic. More ... > >

    ..... Frank Laughter

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