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The Laughter site has been redesigned and, we think, improved. The Laughter Tree page has been broken down into separate pages for each Generation. There are disadvantages to multiple pages but there are also many advantages. The most obvious advantage is faster downloads. Another is quicker re-loads during navigation.

We have been working on this new site for several weeks and are very happy with Tripod (so far). Tripod has many advantages over other servers offering FREE web space. More disk storage, more tools, better tools, and better support (they actually answer e-mails) :)

As for the Laughter Tree... From the outset, we chose to number generations beginning with John, or Henry, or Robert, from DOB of about 1630 -- whoever was the first in America -- and have numbered the generations down to the present. That has produced eleven generations so far and seemed a logical way to break down the Tree into smaller segments. To overcome the disadvantages of multiple pages we have added a SITE search engine to help find the information you need. There is HELP information available through links near the SEARCH box. You may initiate searches from the Home Page or from anywhere within the Laughter Tree.

A summary of the generation breakdown looks like this:

The Laughter Tree Generations
File (Name in bold)Earliest DOBLatest DOB
Page 01, Gen 01 file name:     lautree01.html 16301660
Page 02, Gen 02 file name:     lautree02.html 17101745
Page 03, Gen 03 file name:     lautree03.html 17401797
Page 04, Gen 04 file name:     lautree04.html 17681823
Page 05, Gen 05 file name:     lautree05.html 17891867
Page 06, Gen 06 file name:     lautree06.html 18161905
Page 07, Gen 07 file name:     lautree07.html 18491934
Page 08, Gen 08 file name:     lautree08.html 18701966
Page 09, Gen 09 file name:     lautree09.html
Page 09m, Gen 09 file name: lautree09m.html
Page 10, Gen 10 file name:     lautree10.html
Page 10m, Gen 10 file name: lautree10m.html
Page 11, Gen 11 file name:     lautree11.html 1968Present
Note: Dates will change as new people are added. We will try to stay current.

We hope you enjoy the new site design and will help us with new features planned for the future.

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