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Origins: The origins of "You Worry Me" remain murky -- it first appeared on the Internet in June 2002, but attempts to verify whether its real author is an American Airlines pilot and/or someone named John Maniscalco have led to dead ends. According to the FAA Registry, John Maniscalco is indeed a real pilot, but this item was also printed in a less vitriolic form in the Hyatsville, Maryland, Gazette (under the title "An open letter to my Arab-Muslim neighbors") on 12 October 2001 and credited to a Kevin Daly of Beltsville. Newspaper publication of a piece as a letter to the editor is not a reliable indicator of true authorship, however, as demonstrated by another widely-circulated Internet piece about President Clinton that was printed in several different newspapers under the names of at least four different people.

The Gazette letter might have been based on the Internet version, or the Internet version might be an altered transcription of the Gazette letter; John Maniscalco might have been the original author (or alterer), or he might have been someone whose name became attached to the piece simply because he forwarded it to others.

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