September 18, 2002

The Strange Case of the "Palermo Senator"
Precis of article in DEBKA-Net-Weekly No. 76

On September 12, members of the US Nuclear Emergency Security Team (NEST) and Navy SEALS were still clambering over the decks and holds of the "Palermo Senator," which was marooned off-shore, south of Long Island, guarded by Coast Guard vessels and US Navy warships. They faced the task of searching through 2,600 20-ft-long containers.
Suspicion was first aroused when unexplained noises issued from several cargo holds   »

14 September: The searches that Geiger counter-packing FBI agents conducted on the Liberian-registered freighter "Palermo Senator" that steamed into New York on Monday, September 9, left no doubt that the United States has strong suspicions or credible information that Iraq or the al Qaeda terrorist organization -- or both -- have nuclear weapons. Only recently have US port authorities taken to examining incoming merchant vessels for radiation.

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