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Welcome to the Laughter Genealogy Reference Center. This site is dedicated to research and exchange of information about 'Laughter' and related families' lineage and history.

------- Special Note -------

Important: you must turn off Pop-up Stopper or similar Plugins to view all of the Genealogy information on this site. There are no banners or pop-up ads but, to reduce re-load time, many notes, photos, photo galleries, and small pages are displayed with PopView [pop-up] windows. ... Or, as an alternative to turning off Pop-up Stopper, you can override it by holding down the 'Ctrl' key when clicking on PopView links.

Please see PopView note,
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Hundreds of Laughter and Lawter descendants have cooperated to build this site. We have compiled an impressive amount of information that is presented here to be shared with you. Additionally, we have hundreds of names under active investigation and we need your help to find out who they are and where they belong on the Laughter Tree. If you can help in any way, please let me know. You can contact me by e-mail, posting a message to U.S. GenWeb Forum, or the Feedback Page.

My goal is to host one of the best genealogy sites on the Web. However, I cannot and DO NOT represent that everything posted here is accurate but I will continue to work toward that goal. If you see anything questionable, please let me know. We can compare information and sources and I'll gladly share all genealogy information but I can't reveal e-mail addresses of contacts without their prior consent. However, obtaining permission is usually no problem.

Of course, you are welcome to use the information from this site for private, educational, or other non-commercial purposes BUT, permission must be obtained from appropriate copyright owner(s) to use these pages, photos, essays, anecdotes, and other such material for any other purpose. SEE COPYRIGHT NOTICE.

I hope you enjoy the Site and will visit often because the content changes as new information is available. I will appreciate ANYTHING you can add to the rapidly expanding information base. To provide new information please contact me at the addresses below.

Let Me Hear From You

Sorry I can't provide an automatic e-mail composition window here because Microsoft has won its battle to remain a run-amok monopoly and has modified Internet Explorer (MSIE 5.5 and later) so that e-mail clients other than Outlook Express (OE) are unreliable. In other words, if the e-mail client works correctly with MSIE it won't work correctly with Netscape.

If you have something of general interest for all visiting cousins or just want to share comments, please contact me. As an alternative, you can post messages to the GenWeb Forum. I review the Forum almost daily and I know that many others do as well, so its another way to communicate. However, my preferences for updates and corrections are e-mail or the Feedback Page, but its up to you.

If you encounter problems with links or navigation through the site, please let me know by e-mail. I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks for the visit. I would like to have your opinion of this site. Its a fun hobby and ideas for improvement are greatly appreciated.

Brief Description & Help

This site displays the history of 'Laughter' and related surnames and was last updated January, 2003. See 'Update' above for a chronology of recent significant updates.

The site also contains maps and historical information (Other Menus) to assist those involved in research. Most of the pages are normal size... However, the Laughter Tree and some photo galleries have very large pages. Those pages may take a full minute or longer to download, especially with slower modems... Please have patience.

The SEARCH feature will find all PAGES containing one or more instances of your search argument(s). Then, you must perform a FIND for individual entries within each page. If you are not familiar with the "FIND" option (EDIT MENU) of MSIE, Netscape, and AOL browsers, please take a moment to review... FIND HELP.

Photos and Contact Information

Mary Almond Laughter

Frank Laughter

This is me with my omnipresent coffee. The beautiful lady is my love -- my wife, my friend and companion. She has the patience of Job and has tolerated me since 1957.

Photos displayed here and throughout the Laughter tree were submitted by cousins with permission for display. We would like to add more, so if you have old or current photos you care to share please send them by e-mail attachment or by snail-mail to the address below. ... Thanks.

Please use any method you like to reach me. There's a Feedback Form for corrections and new genealogy information or if you prefer,
send me an e-mail at:

Or through GENFORUM

Or regular mail:

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