Additional E-mail address

This is an alternate e-mail address to reach me (Frank Laughter). The Hotmail box runneth over with porn and junk because it has been posted on the Web so long. Every mass marketer and porno pusher now has it, and the box WAS getting hundreds of pieces of spam every day! Besides, we have a teen living in our house so I needed to take some action. Since I began blocking addresses and domain names, its getting down to a manageable volume.

Gif image

I'm sorry, but its a .gif image and you'll need to write the address down. That's the only way to keep "spiders" (sent out by slugs) from harvesting it off the Internet.

If you've had e-mail returned with a message that it could not be delivered to me, it may be because I've block certain domains from sending mail to my Hotmail box. Blocking applies ONLY to MY Hotmail box because its the one that was posted and was widely available for harvesting by the "night crawlers."

Sorry for the inconvenience. . . Frank Laughter

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