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January 2003, -- Julius Earl Shoulars and Ruby Ola Lawter Shoulars
Norfolk, Virginia.

Ruby Ola is descendant of Carrie Ola Lawter and Gaither Cornelius Cooke, Sr.

Julius E. Shoulars is unique among veterans of WW II. He participated in D-Day, the last great allied landing in Europe and in the invasion of Okinawa, the last great landing of allied troops in the Pacific.

Read more at James, David, Eileen Lawter's site.

June 22, 2002, -- Neil Allen Bristow, San Diego, California

Descendant of William B.(4), John Joseph(5), Amanda S. Laughter(6) and her husband John Thomas of De Soto county Mississippi. Neil Allen has conducted a lot of on-the-ground research and has a Web Site to prove it at:

Neil Allen Bristow's Green Wolf Site. This is great stuff!

Feb. 15, 2002
Rex Redmon, Greenville, South Carolina
"My mother was Robena Laughter, descending from
Lonnie Laughter b. 6/1885
Benjamin F. Laughter b. 1860 and Sarah Watkins
John J. Laughter b. bet 1815-20 and 2nd wife, Louisa Edney."
Rex sent a great photo with the comment:
"I am a member of Clan Henderson but in the photo I am wearing the McRae great kilt. The Hendersons are my paternal grandmother's line and the Rays are part of my maternal grandmother's family."
Rex is a terrific and thorough reseacher.    . . . FL

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