The commissioned officers who served in the different companies so far as we know, were as, follows:

COMPANY A: Captains, Jas. A. Keith and M.F. Carter. Lieutenants: M.F. Carter, B.W. Woodward, O.H. Ramsey, J.M. Ray, G.D. Ray, N.W. Woodward and William Pendley.

COMPANY B: Captains, Thos. P. Jones, W.G.B. Morris, Lieutenants, W.G.B. Morris, W.N. Luther, Richard Howard, Daniel Pace, Richard Howard and W.A. Batson.

COMPANY C: Captains, John Peek, C.N. Candler. Lieutenants, C. Alexander, Alfred Peek and Levi Peek.

COMPANY D: Captains, A.A. Duees, L.W. Peek. Lieutenants, L.W. Peek, Wm. C. Harrison, Thos. Hunter, T.W. Allen and Job B. Peck.

COMPANY E: Captain, B.T. Morris, Lieutenants W.K. Tabor, B.F. Hampton, H.H. Collins, W.L. Morris and J.W. Morris.

COMPANY F: Captain, D.W. Anderson. Lieutenants, John J. Duych, J.A. Jarvis, A.J. Brown and Miles Frapps.

COMPANY G: Captains, Wm. M. Keith and R.M. Deaver; Lieutenants, R.M. Deaver, A.F. Davis, J.B. Peek, W.A. Patterson and Thos. Keith.

COMPANY H: Captain, J.T. Reynolds. Lieutenants, Jas. H. Davis, Wm. S. Davis, John Moore and Edwin Reynolds.

COMPANY I: Captains, John S. Love and J.V. Baird; Lieutenants, J. Debush, C.W. Wells, Thos. W. Keith, A.M. Sheffey and Frederick Devalt.

COMPANY K: Captains, Wm. F. Tilson and S.F. Erwin; Lieutenants, S.F. Frwin, J.F. Tilson, J.B. Frwin and A.G. Bailey.

Companies A, C, D, E, G and I were from Madison County, Company B from Henderson County, Company F from Polk County.

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