From: Civil War Soldiers and Sailors, National Park Service, Jan. 2003
Laughters that served in N.C. 64th Infantry Regiment, CSA
Western North Carolina and East Tennessee. -- 1862
Allen Laughter (1)PrivateCompany E
B.E. LaughterPrivateCompany B
Ervin J. LaughterPrivateCompany B
J.J. LaughterPrivateCompany B
Lewis Laughter (1)PrivateCompany E
Samuel C. [Carson?] Laughter (2)PrivateCompany B
W.C. [William C.?] Laughter (1)SergeantCompany E
William E. LaughterSergeantCompany E
William J. LaughterPrivateCompany B
William M. Laughter (3)PrivateCompany E
M.E. Lauter (4)SergeantCompany E

(1) Brothers

(2) Samuel [nmi] Laughter is also listed with Co., I, Union Infantry
7th Regiment Tennessee Mounted Infantry, 1864-65.

(3) G-Grandfather of Frank D. Laughter

(4) Common mispelling of Laughter name. In fact, this entry may be an error for Sgt. William E. Laugher above.

Other Regiments mentioned B.T. Morris' article.

Confederate Infantry, 62nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
M.B. Laughter, Co., F, Private

CONFEDERATE -- 62nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry
62nd Infantry Regiment was formed at Waynesville, North Carolina, in July, 1862. Its members were raised in the counties of Haywood, Clay, Macon, Rutherford, Henderson, and Transylvania. The unit served in North Carolina, then in July, 1863, was assigned to General Gracie's Brigade and stationed at Cumberland Gap. Here many were surrendered in September, but a number escaped from being captured. They returned to the Asheville area and in April, 1864 had 178 men present. The records show 443 men of the 62nd were prisoners at Camp Douglas. It continued the fight under Generals Breckinridge, Vaughn, and Williams in East Tennessee, then became a part of Colonel J.B. Palmer's command at Asheville in March, 1865. Later it disbanded near the French Broad River. The field officers were Colonels George W. Clayton and Robert G.A. Love, and Lieutenant Colonel Byron G. McDowell.

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